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Reuel Lubag Trio
Featuring: Reuel Lubag - Piano, Geoff Harper - Bass, Matt Page - Drums
KPLU School Of Jazz

Featuring:  Reuel Lubag - Piano, Michael Glynn - Bass, Steve Korn - Drums, Thomas Marriott - Trumpet & Flugelhorn, Vern Sielert - Trumpet & Flugelhorn, Bill Anthony - Trombone



Audio Recordings(Update In Progress)

Here's a collection of musical excerpts for you to sample at your heart's content. They are mp3's so hopefully you have a good connection as well as a good player.

Reuel Lubag Trio - Live @ The Lab 2007 - Reuel Lubag-Piano, Geoff Harper-Bass, Matt Page-Drums
'Deed I Do by Walter Hirsch & Fred Rose
Django by John Lewis
Shiny Stockings By Frank Foster

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